Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggity Jig

Whew, that was a vacation! Well, the last three days have been a lot of work too. Mr. Wonderful joined me in Portland for a couple days for that big work meeting I haven't been able to tell you anything about. We stayed in a hotel, ate fancy food, and were able to do and see some awesome things in three short/long days. I'm not one to share details about work on my blog, so I'm only going to hit the parts that don't relate to work. Have no fear, we really did work hard at certain points--it wasn't all fun and games.

The Boy and I were escorted around the north Willamette Valley's agriculture region to see dozens of crops growing and some ready for harvest. We were able to visit a local grower and hear his story and eat some of his ripe cherry crop. Seeing that both The Boy and I grew up in this area, the tour wasn't as awesome and exciting to us as it was to the 150 out-of-staters that visited. Both of us have picked and eaten cherries off trees before, but still, it was fun. Not fun enough to want to pick cherries, but okay for five minutes.

After the industry tour, we explored the Evergreen Aviation Museum. Even though I've been there before (within the last five years to boot), the Spruce Goose is one incredible flying boat. I don't have the ability to describe just how mammoth the plane is, but with a wingspan longer than a football field, it's safe to say that "big" doesn't really cut it. The history of flight can also be seen in the multitude of other aircraft both inside and outside the museum. Tour guides also helped us to interpret all that we were seeing--a very nice bonus with so many in our group.

A short two-hour break from the meetings on Tuesday afternoon allowed The Boy and me to slip away and hop a couple miles over to The Grotto, the National Catholic Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. The Boy had been there before, but I enjoyed the outing. After being around so many people, the calmness and peacefulness of the landscape really helped me relax. The gardens are spectacular! And even though I'm terrified of heights, the elevator ride to the upper garden wasn't so awful. I got a bunch of neat pictures of statues of saints, plaques, signs, and some nature shots. Two hours was just enough time to explore before heading back to the meetings.

We're both glad we allowed an extra hour to get back: a car accident on I-84 stalled traffic to a stand-still. We moved about a car length in five minutes at one point. It took us almost half an hour to move less than a mile. Prayers to those involved in the accident, and thanks to God that we didn't get back too late and miss our boat.

Yes, a boat. The entire group of 150 people boarded the Portland Spirit for a dinner cruise. Great food, good conversations, and even some dancing made me a happy kid. I was on the Portland Spirit with my parents years ago, but that was a brunch (not nearly as exciting as dining with my fiancé by candlelight as the sun set on the Willamette). A few other couples danced (YAY!), so we didn't look out of place. It was a beautiful evening.

Remember how I said we worked some? We truly did work on this Portland adventure. Everyone had duties, mine being photography and posting signs. We also enjoyed ourselves. I am, though, excited to be home. I missed my own bed, being able to squish my toes in "safe" carpet, even being able to grab whatever I want out of the cupboard.

Pictures coming soon!

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MissKris said...

Shouldn't this be named "Home Again, Home Again, JAGGY-ty Jag"?? Haha...I love word play.