Friday, July 03, 2009

On Target

The Boy and I joined some friends out in the woods this morning for a few hours of gun slinging loudness. The Boy took his .22 rifle so at least I had something I felt comfortable with. I hit every target he set out for me including a shell casing maybe 75' away. I know that's not an impressive feat to someone who shoots regularly or even competes, but for my third time ever firing a rifle, I think that's pretty damn good.

Our friends had some other guns that they shared with between themselves. I didn't really want to fire anything else. I know how to operate both a pistol and a rifle, although I'm much more comfortable with a rifle. Being able to operate them safely and to shoot relatively accurately is enough for me. I hope that I never have to do anything more than that!

After shooting, reloading clips, shooting some more, reloading, for The Boy, shooting even more, and finally cleaning up, we went to lunch. We're the kind of responsible "hunters" that pack out all of our casings and cartridges, plus we cleaned up a bunch of stuff other people left there. No sense being irresponsible with the weapons or the leftovers. It's not a perfect system, but for a morning of shooting, we tried to be eco-conscious: carpooling, cleaning up after others, and packing out all of our own stuff. All of the plastic casings will be recycled. The metal casings will all be reloaded or recycled as well.

Good luck trying to find .22 ammunition though. Bi-Mart is sold out. The next closest place to go near Corvallis was in Philomath, thankfully on our way to our range. Hi demand, low supply, and higher prices than ever... yuck.

Not too exciting, just a morning of shooting and good, safe fun.

Okay, okay, we did kill some bugs, but they were trying to eat us alive. I draw the line at blood-sucking creatures. When it comes to my blood, I get to say where it goes, and down your flying gullet I think not. Death to mosquitoes! and those other insects that annoyed us all morning.

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MissKris said...

Dear Hubby is a bow hunter but many of his friends hunt with rifles and there is so much demand for ammo now that it's near impossible to find. Sure makes you wonder why people are stockpiling it so much, doesn't it? Scary times we're living in and with the economy going more south every day I think it's only going to get worse.