Saturday, July 04, 2009

*pant* Hot! *pant*

It's 90° in my apartment at 9:10pm. There is no way I'm coming up with original material tonight. Did nothing today but shopping for wedding stuff. Got half of our favor bags assembled. The bouquets are all done and hand-tied. Seventeen boutonnieres to go... could someone please tell God to turn off the heat already? I could use a good 40°-and-drizzly month or two right about now.

Or another fudgecicle.

Make that two.

Oh, and congratulations to a faithful blog reader tonight: may the fireworks truly begin!


Ian Oberst said...

If that was aimed at me, then thank you. If not, well, I feel good anyway!

Jaggy said...

Of course it was, congrats again!