Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Last Sunday, our parish priest discussed retreats and taking time out to clear one's mind, to pray, to simply get away from busy. His homily gnawed at me through the rest of the day, and by Sunday evening, I had a plan. For once, I've been able to follow through with my plan (mostly). Each night this week and especially tonight, I've sat down and learned new things about my faith. I looked up some stuff I've had questions about. I even took a few minutes to clear my head and tried to listen to the quietness that I so dearly love.

Not sure if I heard anything in those few minutes but the noise of my fans, but it was good for me to sit a while and not move or think or do. I've missed having the time to sit like that, something I did often as a teenager. Realizing that I used to do it so much back then and fell away from it as I grew made me realize that maybe I was living more of a spiritual life than I thought I was.

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MissKris said...

Having been a Christian almost 33 years now, I've read thru my Bible something like 8-10 times...I've lost well as picking-up-and-reading scriptures. Anyway, since beginning day care for the grandboys I'd let it slip because of my insanely busy schedule. One day I realized how much I was missing it. For some reason, with spiritual things, one never seems to be able to FIND time to pursue them. One needs to MAKE time. So now I get up at 3:15 instead of 4:15 to make a window of time for my devotions. It sounds like you're starting off on the right track and you won't regret it.