Monday, July 20, 2009

Seeing the Light (of Fashion)

Apparently God's trying to tell me something. Between The Boy lecturing me on fashion, having a fashionista as a sister, and finally watching What Not to Wear tonight on TLC and seeing someone who dresses pretty much like I do, I'm getting the hint. I need to branch out.

I suppose Rachel described my fashion sense best: "paint bucket" fashion. Most of my clothes have nearly the same fit, they're just different colors. My pants are likewise all the same cut but different colors. It's as if someone could drag the little paint bucket fill tool (MS Paint reference) over me and go "bloop, bloop" and change my entire wardrobe with just two clicks.

My problem isn't that I am afraid to show curves or that I buy clothes ten sizes too big. My problem with current fashion trends is that I don't like to show the skin of the curves. I actually wear fitted dress shirts when I get a chance to dress up. I do wear jeans that fit tight around my thighs and aren't flared (but aren't tapered, oh never never!). I just don't want to wear clothes that show so much skin. I don't want to worry about having my tummy show when I lift my arms or my boobs to show when I lean over. Shirts shouldn't do that, and I don't think I should compromise my modesty just to have nice clothes.

You see, it's not about hiding my body. It's not about covering up unslightly scars or cellulite or moles. Though I have a few of each of those, I can live with them. I simply don't think I need to be flashing everyone some breast while I'm at work. I don't need to be wearing heels all day when I'm counting beans in a stuffy basement.

Sandals and dress shoes remain a huge issue for me. I'd love to be able to wear cute shoes to work every day, but most shoes in stores do not fit. I'm not trying to be difficult or saying that they're going to give me blisters just to make people stop suggesting things. I am a size 9 AAA. Ballet flats fall off. I have to grip most flip flips so tightly with my toes that I get blisters between my toes and wherever the stupid too-wide strap crosses my foot. The one pair of Nike tennis shoes I do own didn't fit when I bought them, but they were the most narrow shoes I could find for under $100. Two pairs of insoles helped. The few shoes I like that do fit are expensive and tend to look like hikers. Not exactly dressy.

I know I need help in the fashion department, but with zero budget, I'm not even sure where to start. Skirts? Shirts? Jeans? Ugh. Suggestions appreciated, however, I will not shop at Old Navy, Maurices, or Target. My experiences there have led me to never want to buy clothes there again.


Anonymous said...

wow. tough... and i am no "fashionista..." but i'd suggest jcpenney. and i'd suggest me going with you... ;) or we could always try macy's or nordstrom. i realize these are more expensive, but a few nice things is better than none, eh?

MissKris said...

I was just reading my friend Blogstalker's current entry and she was bemoaning the same fashion issues. You guys must be soulmates, haha! My one gripe as a middleaged woman is the hems of tops being too short. No matter how good of shape we're in, we still have that softer belly for the most part, from having kids and just gravity pulling at us, ha! An extra couple inches in length would sure help to camouflage that. And I absolutely detest sleeveless/short sleeves, too, Jaggy. Unless you have toned upper arms there's just a lot of loose skin flapping around.

MissKris said...

Oh, and I meant to say with zero budget, try thrift stores. I find so many nice clothes there. Just takes some searching for the right labels. Outside of underwear I buy most of my clothes there just because I like good bargains. I get lots of compliments on the clothes I wear to church and no one is the wiser. I must admit my taking-care-of-the-grandboys wardrobe is mainly loose and comfy but at 55 I need all the help I can get moving around chasing them, ha!

Skunk said...

Pick just ONE thing about your current attire that you want to change, and start there. Changing the daily jeans your wear is always an excellent start. You only need to buy one or two pairs, and they last you two months or more before you feel bored with them.

Shoes are shoes and your whole day is ruined if your feet are in pain. Don't change unless you really want to.

Seem do-able?