Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stop means "Stop" not "Get run over"

I'm all about sharing the road. Cyclists have just as much right to the road as vehicle drivers. However, I draw the line at stupid or uniformed cyclists (or drivers). If you don't know traffic laws, you have no right to be on the road!

This morning, I witnessed a cyclist ignore a stop sign. The cyclist dove across a street and almost got hit. Unfortunately, had the cyclist been hit, he likely could have claimed that it was the vehicle driver's fault and could have sued, because these days the small guy can make big money over his own stupidity.

A few days ago, I almost hit a cyclist because she didn't signal with her arm that she was turning left out of the bike lane across my lane of travel and across another lane of travel. She just went for it! No regard for her own safety or that of others, no regard for bicycle laws or regular traffic laws... either ignorance or stupidity, I don't know, but it pissed me off.

Not every cyclist is a bad cyclist. Not every driver follows all the rules of the road. But I'd sure appreciate it if the cyclists would consider themselves just as much of a traffic nuisance as they consider cars to be. If we can't get along, at least we could have some simple respect.

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