Sunday, July 26, 2009

This is what I think of blogging when it's hot:


As a side note, I've given up hope on finding sandals that fit narrow feet. Shoes are possible, sandals are not.

It's about 85° at 9pm, so I have some cooling to do.



MissKris said...

I brains feel like overcooked mush. Pbbbbbbbbbb. Our only consolation is that, in our part of the country, heat waves like these don't come too often and they don't last too long. By the time it cools down in to the 80s it'll feel like the Arctic, ha!

Mom of Three said...

I know Birkenstocks look wide, but at least they form to your narrow footbed and you can tighten the straps. I know, I am of the narrow foot set.