Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding Progress Made!

Mr. Wonderful and I made some serious headway on our wedding plans this weekend. I finished beading my veil and found a nice sparkly (but not overly dramatic) comb to hide the front edge of it. We scoured craft and bargain stores to figure out just how we want our centerpieces to look. Since we can't have real candles in the reception hall, we found flameless candles on a great sale and bought tons of them. We finally bought The Boy's ring. We got price quotes for cake, discussed when to open our gifts, checked on our wedding cake topper that has to be custom ordered, and finished assembling our favor packs. We finalized our invitation design (for the third, definitely final time). AND we took a couple hours last night to relax with dinner and a movie.

I'll be satisfied if I can finish the last half of the boutonnieres tonight while the invitations begin printing. It's all coming together... one little rose petal at a time!

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