Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Wedding To Do

When I set out to plan our wedding, I had great ideas of all the things I could do myself to save money. I thought of silk flowers instead of real ones, crafting my own veil, and even making all of the favor bags myself.

My to-do list now includes:
-designing and printing the invitations
-designing and printing the programs
-designing and printing directions to the church (done)
-designing and printing RSVP cards or postcards
-designing and printing recipe cards (potentially)
-printing photos to send with the invitations
-handwriting addresses on envelopes (may enlist help on that one from my moms)
-hand-beading my veil
-tatting my garter (yes, I can tat, needle tatting no less)
-assemble 17 boutonnieres (8 done)
-assemble two bouquets from real flowers for the flower girls the day before the wedding
-assemble four bouquets for myself and three bridesmaids (done!)
-assemble 200 favor bags (100 done, ugh)
-design and somehow assemble 33 table centerpieces
-put together invitation packets and mail them
-wedding shower invitations...

The list is even longer than that. I am not making the cake, and I am NOT penning the marriage license myself. My hand is not that steady. I guess I will have to sign my name on the original marriage license anyway, hehe. That's enough for me.

It seems like a lot, but I really am saving money and getting nice products in the end. Hopefully the effort pays off. I should mention that none of this is a complaint: I brought the work on myself, and I looooooooove crafting. I still have three-plus months to work as well, so i shouldn't need much help--except from The Boy. It's a fun to-do list (and a lot of work too).


julianne smith said...

i would love, love to see your garter that you tatting. please send to me!! info{@}

best of luck on your to-do list!!

TattingChic said...

Have fun tatting! I hope you show a photo of it on here when you are done! :)