Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You know it's too hot when... umbrella suddenly becomes useful during the summer in Oregon can make chocolate fondue without additional heat
...sweat is not a burden but welcomed (it means you're still hydrated!) consists of wearing clothes, not caring about matching or how you look, just about being the slightest bit decent in public stick to the keyboard, desk, and chair simultaneously while surfing the Internet
...when, as you water the yard, you end up getting water all over yourself and you don't care'd rather be stuck in a car with air conditioning than on a couch without it
...the thought of wandering a shopping mall for hours without buying something seems like a good idea, even if it's crowded and you have to walk slowly behind even slower people
...chocolate chip cookies no longer sound like something good to eat come up with a silly list of "it's too hot outside" rants out of desperation as you have no inspiration for quality blog posts

Have I mentioned how much I love the rain yet?


Skunk said...

I already can't wait for when I'm freezing my butt off in my poorly insulated apartment this winter! It's also too hot when you no longer want any physical contact with your significant other. That, and when you no longer care if the neighbors can see you naked in your home because it's too hot to wear clothes and you want to keep the blinds open in order to try to cool things off at night...

cm0978 said...

Rain does sound pleasant right now, doesn't it?