Monday, August 10, 2009

The #1 Reason Why I REFUSE To Twitter

I have a life away from these computer thingies. Weird, I know. Nope, won't tell you I just went down the stairs successfully. Nope, you won't be impressed with my grilled cheese sandwich that did not contain grill marks in the shape of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And no, I don't feel compelled to share that I just went to the bathroom or that I'm going to work or that I found a booger or that my dishes are clean.

I HAVE A LIFE. Once a day here on the bloggy is enough. Twitter, Twitter, GO AWAY!

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MissKris said...

It's amazing how quickly Twitter and Facebook and other social network-y things can become obsessions. I don't Twitter and I cancelled out my Facebook. Life has enough distractions already without those things added to it. I am and always will be a diehard blogger. The world probably knows too much about me just thru THAT, ha!!