Sunday, August 30, 2009

Being Sick is Absolutely No Fun

It's Sunday night and I realized I haven't been here since Thursday. Good reasons though... beside the whole I'm-getting-married-and-that-takes-work bit, I was under the weather this weekend. Maybe it was the flu, or maybe it was a nasty migraine that included nausea and vomiting, or maybe something else completely random. I was super weak and pukey and blah including a fever that I think I might have finally gotten rid of. Here's to hoping it's not contagious and that The Boy doesn't get it too. (Migraines are thankfully not contagious, and based on the whopper of a headache I had Friday afternoon, that's my guess).

Um, so yeah. We're getting married in, like, six weeks. Holy shit cow. We picked up our marriage license on Friday, and we confirmed a bunch of stuff with the photographer, the musicians, our deacon and church, and even did a little bit of champagne flute shopping (finally found some we like at a price we can live with). RSVPs are coming in slowly, and we're getting more and more excited to finally live in the same place!

My parents picked up their piano this weekend, so I have a bunch of space in my living room now. Sad to see my favorite instrument go, but it just took up too much space and was here on loan while they built their new house. Bittersweet.

I bought a cordless leg shaver thingy this weekend. They've always made me curious as to how close of a shave I can get. A review should be forthcoming after thorough testing and The Boy's final approval (of course).

Went for a walk out at Fitton Green this afternoon. Nothing exciting there... trees and rocks and sticks and logs along old logging roads. I'm all for exploring the beauty of Oregon, but the whole Bald Hill area really doesn't do it for me. Timberhill's few hiking areas are also lacking, though they are slightly more exciting with cougars darting around. Geocaching is also better on Timberhill. Got most of those long ago.

Gave myself a facial tonight. I could get into that. Forget manicures and pedicures, blech! I can really dig the whole steaming towel, exfoliating, clay mask wonderfulness. Plus it's way cheap to do it yourself using kitchen ingredients and common sense. Since I tend to be super sensitive to most commercial face washes and lotions, a simple sugar scrub or oatmeal mask works incredibly well. A quick internet search yields more than enough info for DIY home facials: give that a try instead of asking me what I'm using (I looked online, you can too).

New shoes arrive tomorrow! That's pretty much enough to totally make my week.

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