Monday, August 31, 2009

Can I just eat cold cereal for every meal?

I am not a leftovers person. Maybe it's because I don't remember Mom ever making a dinner and having more leftover than one plate that she took in her lunch the next day. Maybe it's because other people got to the leftovers first. I am not really sure, but whatever the case, I don't really eat them. Soup is probably the only exception as one pot of soup makes enough for days around here (unless The Boy is here, then I might get two days only), and soup reheats perfectly.

Leftover pizza? meh. I will eat it cold. Reheating pizza is awful. Melted, cooled, remelted cheese doesn't do it for me. And while pasta is okay reheated, I'd rather save the sauce and make fresh noodles. Leftover meats generally don't reheat well in the microwave. Sometimes I will poach a whole package of chicken to shred and then fry into fajitas, saving some of the leftover poached meat to flavor and cook again later, but rarely if ever.

Waaaay back in the waaaay back of my mind, though, I keep telling myself, "hey stupid, any of that pre-packed garbage food from the freezer section is basically fancy leftovers." Why does it taste so much better then? This is a quandry I've yet to figure out.

In any case, I hope to make a large enough dinner tomorrow night that I don't have to think about what to cook on Wednesday. Pizza anyone?

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MissKris said...

I guess in 35 years of marriage I've learned to gauge pretty well how much anyone around here will eat. Rarely do we ever have leftovers. I think that comes from the days of seeing my mom's refrigerator crammed full of stuff that would eventually turn green and fuzzy and have to be tossed out anyway. I do like leftover pasta, tho...especially lasagna. Back when I could taste I thought it tasted better reheated...the flavor seemed to 'blossom' overnite, ha! I'm with you on pizza, tho...reheated cheese is too rubbery. I eat mine cold, too.