Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Custom Crucifixes

As most of you know, my blog has never been a place for endorsing products I haven't tested and used for years. However, I don't even have to use this particular item to know how great it is:

From a friend on Facebook, I've found that a local craftsman carves or builds wooden crucifixes. A crucifix is a fairly personal gift, so I don't suggest running out to buy one for every Catholic friend (or Protestant, I'm not trying to be exclusive, but they generally don't do the whole corpus thing). Mr. Schaefer retired and spends his time working on these beautiful wall hangings.

I'm doing my part to spread the word. Free publicity never hurts, plus I think he's doing a great thing. I also really appreciate the value of his product for such a reasonable price. He could be charging hundreds of dollars, but he's not. On top of his catalog, he offers to do custom work, and I'm willing to bet he doesn't charge an arm and a leg for the custom work either.

I can't decide between two of them... they're all so pretty!

Mr. Schaefer's website is Custom Crucifix.

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cm0978 said...

What a surprise to see a face that I have known for 20 years! John Schaefer is truly a humble, devout man. I didn't realize he makes crucifixes! Thanks for the link.