Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy 26th, Mr. Wonderful

I'm taking today's post to celebrate my best friend's birthday: Mr. Wonderful turned 26 today! In about eight weeks, I will marry Mr. Wonderful (how lucky am I to become Mrs. Wonderful?). Today, I was thinking a few things about this incredible man and our current position in life. We're a little nervous about starting our life on my one income as he's still hunting for a career. We're beyond excited to finally live in the same place and not have to drive between apartments or houses. And we're hopeful that we'll be able to endure the struggles marriage can bring (because there's no way I'm planning another wedding).

I think I finally had the "oh crap! I'm actually getting married!" moment earlier this week. It wasn't the "aww, how cute" kind of thing, but actual hesitation of what I'm getting myself into. Don't misunderstand: I have zero hesitation about the man I'm marrying. The hesitation was more about realizing the gravity of marriage and making my life into our life.

But I also had another thought tonight: there is no one I'd rather be walking off into the sunset with. I know Mr. Wonderful is going to be there for me if I truly need him. I know he's a man with fun traits, handy skills, and faults and flaws just like any other man, but I realized how much I adore [most] of his flaws. Like when he gets really nervous and tenses up, or when he laughs at me for not knowing how to plug in his X-Box (shuddup). I love how he listens when I'm frustrated (best quality ever!), and I appreciate him when he reminds me I'm being annoying/juvenile/stupid/dramatic/obsessive/stubborn (even though I'm never any of those things, ha!).

Mr. Wonderful, here's to you. I know your biggest birthday wish hasn't come true yet, but here's to hoping you had a great day. More than you know, I love you.

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