Thursday, August 06, 2009

Lunge, or not

I made the mistake last night of thinking it would be "helpful" if I did a few lunges and maybe begin to tone some muscle. My legs are displeased and have enjoyed informing me of my idiocy at every stoop, squat, and bend today. I think that means the lunges are working.

Stayed up too late reading. Still haven't learned that lesson. Nothing new to report otherwise. Hope everyone is enjoying the cooler weather and is well. Blah, I'm boring tonight.


Anonymous said...

nice job... and yes, that means they are working.

however, lack of sleep sure isn't helping your muscles. you should get good sleep if you think you are going to tone up some. ;)

and yes... the cooler weather IS enjoyable. :D

cm0978 said...

Wish I had something exciting to say. Went to state library today, but parked at the wrong marble building. Since I had already put all my coins in the parking meter, I hiked the three blocks to the correct one. Got back to the car and the "expired" sign was blinking at me. Fortunately NO TICKET! I count that as a successful day.