Friday, August 07, 2009

Mouse Hunt

I think it's time to let the world in on a little secret: I play Mouse Hunt on Facebook.

Now that I've said it, I'm going to have to include instructions for Grandma about how to get Mouse Hunt since she'll want to try it too. Log in to Facebook. In the upper right hand corner in the search box, type "Mouse Hunt." Click on the Applications tab. About the third spot down is the game application for Mouse Hunt. Click on the link, and follow the instructions. The game does NOT download anything to your computer: the game can only be played through Facebook. To remove the game, in the lower left hand corner, click on Applications, then click on Edit Applications. Once you find Mouse Hunt, click the X at the end of the row to remove the application. From the Edit Applications menu, you can also adjust how many notifications you get or how many people can see that you play the game.

Mouse Hunt isn't a traditional one-on-one game. It's a click-one-button-once-every-fifteen-minutes-and-walk-away game. Seriously. That's the most you can do. The object is to catch mice in a mouse trap using different configurations of bases, traps, and cheese at a variety of levels for the rewards of points and gold. Points give you status, gold gives you $$$ so you can buy new things like traps, more cheese, and the ability to travel. I've moved up the ranks to Hero, the second from the highest possible level, but I've also played every day since December. I've caught 70 of the 126 possible breeds of mice (the last ones are hard to catch!).

However, I now measure my life in 15-minute increments. I'm getting better at knowing exactly how much time has elapsed so that I can hunt again. That's how you know you're addicted!

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