Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Music File Cleanup

One more task I'm taking on for the wedding: playlists. I have some decent music, maybe just enough to stretch a variety of dances for two hours. The problem is that my music files are so jumbled that I have a hard time finding Chopin in my mix of Nickleback and Josh Groban. From James Galway (flautist extraordinaire) to Chicago to Scott Grimes (favorite!), my computer is one huge pile of guitar solos and incredible vocals.

Four hours into this endeavor, four years in the planning-but-never-getting-around-to-it stage, I think I'm actually making progress. I now have each song with the correct title, something in the artist column, and am attempting to assign each song a dance style in another column. That way I will know what songs go with what dances without having to think about it. I hope!

Well, except for the fact that sometimes I get sucked into songs I haven't heard in for-ever so I sit and listen to them while trying to do other things and then I get sidetracked and forget I'm working on my computer project. I'm easly distracted sometimes, and it's hard for me to focus when music plays. Yeah, the inner band geek likes to say hi every once in a while.

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