Thursday, August 13, 2009

New Water Bottle

It seems like such a boring topic, those water bottles people seem to be carrying everywhere. I don't buy bottled water. In fact, I have one of those pretty blue gallon-size jugs that looks like it's from a water machine but isn't--and it lives in my fridge.

Sometimes, though, I want to carry a water bottle or canteen. To say that I looked everywhere for the perfect one is an understatement worthy of an award. Trying to find a metal water bottle that doesn't have a straw or a sharp lip was difficult. Trying to find one where I don't have to touch anywhere near the mouth part was even harder. Trying to get metal, no straw, nothing sharp, and not having to twist or touch near the mouth part was nearly impossible. I persisted, and I found just the size I wanted on sale. Not bad for patience!

It's black on the outside, fits my criteria, and only set me back $7. It even has a big loop on the handle for a clip or a ribbon to hold it to my bag. I can live with that, plus I'm going to start becoming hydrated again and rejoin the land of the thirsty. Finally!


Skunk said...

Ooh! What kind is it? I've been wanting one like that FOREVER!

Jaggy said...

Lifeline Green, got it at Freddies upstairs. 20% off this week (I think) and in several color options.

MissKris said...

If you come to Portland, try Andy & Bax on Grand for canteens. It's an army surplus store and my Dear Hubby has bought a lot of stuff there thru the years for his wilderness camping.