Sunday, August 09, 2009

Wedding Detail #40738

Wedding invitations addressed, check!
Invitations in envelopes, check!
Shower dates set, check!
Shower locations chosen, hosts selected, and attendees decided, triple check!
Finally getting my baptismal certificate and last bit of paperwork to the church this week, check!
Flower price quotes, time lines, itineraries, reminding groomsmen about tuxedos, dusting silk flowers, pricing tableware and linens, discussing the budget yet again, and blogging about it all, yup, CHECK!

Don't fret about the shower dates. Everyone invited to the showers will find out the dates when they get their shower invitations. Same with our wedding website. Everyone will finally know the wedding website address when we send out invitations. Until then, consider things under construction--we can't get everything done all at once, nor can we keep every single person updated at the same time. Additionally, this is a very public blog, and I don't feel comfortable releasing our personal wedding website for everyone to see, nor do I want to tell perfect strangers where I'll be when. Suffice it to say, if it's important for you to know, you'll know when you need to know.

Meanwhile, The Boy and I are going to sleep just a little bit better tonight knowing the invitations are almost done! YAY!

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cm0978 said...

And it was fun doing the addressing! Thanks for including me!