Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Caffeine Freedom (I hope, again)

I am so tired of migraines, and I know the first thing any doctor is going to tell me to do is cut out caffeine. Today marks day one of being caffeine free. I've gone a full 24 hours now after weaning myself off over the last three months. Yeah, it's been a slow "wean" with ups and downs. If this works, poof! problem solved. If my migraines don't go away entirely but are less intense and easier to medicate, I'll be thrilled. In any case, all that caffeine isn't really good for me (or anyone). I'm trying to replace pop with water and juice. So far so good!

In other news, I defrosted a refrigerator at work today with a hair dryer. You know that section in a job description that includes "other duties as assigned"? Today was one of those days. I managed to not electrocute myself... that's always a bonus. The dryer was loud, though, so my ears are sort of ringing. A quiet apartment tonight should help.

Found a new recipe for some yummy Hawaiian chicken that I can't wait to try over rice this weekend. Hopefully The Boy will enjoy it too.


PurpleHoodieChick said...

Hey, I've enjoyed you blog and I just thought you would like to know. I have migraines. They are awful! Anyways, come check out my blog if you like. Thanks.=]

Strayer said...

Don't know if you are on birth control. Since you are Catholic you probably are not. But those hormones are a big causative factor for migraines. Someone else told me they stopped eating all foods containing MSG and their migraines disappeared.

Skunk said...

A hairdryer? Really? I've defrosted a minus 80 freezer by simply unplugging it, and it only took half a day. In a hurry?

Jaggy said...

PHC: Thanks for the note, I'll really appreciate when people delurk. Best wishes that your migraines improve!

Strayer: I was on birth control before I became Catholic... and while I think the Catholic Church's approach to family planning is admirable, birth control pills prevent ovulation, they do not cause abortions. Since my migraines started pretty much exactly when I started taking the pills, I'm definitely seeing that correlation.

Skunk: yes, we were in a hurry at work to get the freezer defrosted. I didn't even get started until 3pm! Ugh.

Strayer said...

I had bleeding problems, severe, later determined to be endometriosis, way later though. A doctor gave me a three month enduring shot of depoprovarate, something like that. My blood pressure skyrocketed. I had migraines and I'd never had them before. It was the worst few months of my life. He had said there were no side affects. I should not have taken his word for it. It all finally went away when that darn shot wore off. That's why I mentioned birth control hormones causing migraines. They did in me and I"d never in my life had one before.