Tuesday, September 08, 2009

The End of "Life"

Kind of depressed today. Nothing exciting going on, no caffeine in my veins, and no boy to come home to see. I was going to start on a project tonight after cooking some new red potatoes. Had cold cereal instead. Project remains before the start line.

I contemplated doing another Facebook purge and defriending all of those people I really don't talk to anymore. At the same time, I guess I don't care much about who can or can't see the tiny bit of information on my profile. Yes, I love watching TV, so what?

Speaking of TV, I found out today that my favorite show on NBC has been canceled. Life will not air again. NBC, what were you thinking? Damian Lewis rocks, and if you can't see to it that he receives a show pronto, I might boycott your network altogether. I was sad when ER was finally canceled, but a fifteen-year run was awesome. Taking Life off the air is almost too much. Jeez.

Blah day.

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