Monday, September 21, 2009

It's called cheating!

I'm going to start this blog post with two very important notes:
1) I have been ballroom dancing almost five years, so I know how difficult dancing can be.
2) I do not watching Dancing With the Stars (though I guiltily admit tuning in a bit for the third season to see Mario Lopez battle Joey Lawrence--I am a child of the 80's).

I recently found out that Donny Osmond has been picked to dance this season. I have nothing bad to say about him as a person, and I think he's a pretty good entertainer overall. He understands show business, and he knows what hard work is.

The problem I see is a horrible advantage. If a dancing contest were to be fair, the contest would pit individuals or couples of the same dancing ability and background together. Though Mr. Osmond may not have waltzed competitively, he has spent his life learning song and dance routines at breakneck speed and under intense pressure. For him to learn a few new steps is nothing! His background as a life-long entertainer gives him a sharp edge over the competition.

Imagine an analogy: take a few regular ten-year-olds and teach them to dance. Put them in a competition with another ten-year-old who has been in ballet, jazz, tap, and the chorus line, a kid who understands how to put in full days of practice, and then guess who will win.

PLUS! Mr. Osmond has his entire family (and church) voting for him. I'm not sure what percentage of the voters that will be, but statistically... unless he blows it and drops his partner, he's going to go really far in the competition. It's unfair.

I don't think I'll be tuning in this season for Dancing With the Stars Donny Osmond.


Miss. Heather said...

We have a similar show called Strictly Come Dancing and they've gone and done the same thing - put someone in it who already knows how to dance and thus making it unfair to the other contenders.

Robin L Greenslade said...

Being a long time Donny Osmond fan I was both thrilled and dismayed to discover that he was indeed going to be a part of this season's cast of Dancing with the Stars.

I was thrilled because I am a fan. I have been since I was about 8; and I am now 42. I have been a fan for a long time and I am not ashamed to admit that. I enjoy his music, and his sense of humor. I think he is a great performer and from what I know about him, Donny seems to be a nice person.

I was dismayed because doing DWTS just opens the door to more ridicule and negative comments by poeple who like to mock others. It is sad,really.

I found your blog to not only be well written, but well criticized.
You didn't mock or ridicule Donny just because you could. You have an honest concern about the unfairness of his ability and his back ground.

Thank you for expressing your opinion in a postive manner. I love to read, and find myself lost in the blogsphere of others rants and raves. So many times the postings of others leave me feeling depressed and sad that one can not express their thoughts in a positive manner with out name calling or ridicule.

Again, thank you for a well written statement of your opinion. It was a pleasure to stumble upon your blog.

And, before I forget - as you are a ballroom dancer, I applaud you!

My daughter is a tap dancer, and I know the dedication she applies to her passion for 8 counts - ballroom is so much harder than tap! Those who ballroom dance -- amaze me! It is a beautiful performance art to watch in motion.