Friday, September 18, 2009

Revenge of the Thank Yous

I consider myself a creative person, but when it comes to writing thank you notes, I feel as though I fall flat. SPLAT. Please don't get me wrong, I am NOT complaining about receiving gifts or having to write thank you notes. My purpose in writing this is to see if anyone has hints, tips, or tricks for writing dozens of thank you notes. Is there a faster way than slogging through one by one? Is there a better way than a fill-in-the-blank format?

The rest of this post will now be taken up with my sentiment for this past week: AHHH!


MissKris said...

Short and sweet. "Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. We'll spend it wisely." type for money. "Thank you so much for the ______ . It will be very useful in setting up our household." for whatever else. So few of the younger generation even bother that it's refreshing just to get a card with "Thanks!" written on it, ha! Thank you notes don't need to be filled with gushy much whoever gave it means to you, blah, blah, blah. A thank you note is for saying thank you. The end. But send them out promptly if you're going to send them...I made a lot of points with Dear Hubby's relatives by getting mine out a week or so after our wedding. I got one from the son of a cousin of Dear Hubby's recently that was mass-produced. Not even a personal signature. That, to me, was waaaaaaay gauche. And it came MONTHS after the wedding. Why bother?

MissKris said...

Another thought. I don't know how you and The Boy have it worked out but one couple, my son's best friend from practically babyhood, split it up this way: gifts from his family/friends, HE wrote them signing his and his bride's name. She wrote the ones for her family/friends, signing their names. It was great!

Strayer said...

What exciting times for you. As for the thank you notes, brief, humorous if you can, and just a mention of the gift given. Or a photo of you doing something nutty, like posing, with that gift. That could be quick if The Boy helped (took the quick photos), upload, print on one sheet, cut apart, include, unless you're talking tons of gifts that would make this suggestion way too much work. Probably most people gave you gifts without any need of even a thank you note, knowing how busy you are at this time.