Monday, September 28, 2009


I can't wait until it starts raining every day and I don't have to listen to people's music blaring and thumping from their rolled-down windows. Seriously, a car stereo that whumps and beats so hard that the entire vehicle shakes is turned up WAY too loud. Why does the music have to be that loud anyway? I'm not harping on people listening to music in the car, but I don't really appreciate the volume penetrating my car as I travel down the road.

There should be a law against talking on a cell phone while riding a bicycle. In fact, the law should include mandatory cycling lessons, passing a "rules of the road" test, and confirmation of common sense. I'd also like to see a signed statement, "I will not be an idiot and ride into intersections when cars are oncoming, especially during rush hour." Drivers have to pass tests, so why don't cyclists? Bike riders certainly go fast enough around here, not to mention their complete disregard for lanes of travel, not stopping at intersections, and not stopping for pedestrians...

There should also be a law against having dark orange skin and bleached blond hair (posted clearly in big letters inside every sorority and fraternity in Corvallis), but that simply offends my visual sense and gag reflex, so I guess no law there. Dangit.

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