Monday, September 07, 2009

Shopping, Cooking, and a Hint of Love

The Boy was here an extra day this weekend to spend time with me, thus the total lack of blog posts lately. We've been busy! But we also took some time to relax together since the next few weekends are crazy with so much happening.

Yesterday, we drove to Eugene to look at clothes and mattresses. Though we didn't find many things to buy, we agreed on what style furniture we both like. We discussed wood colors and drawer faces and foot boards: the trip was educational and fun for both of us. I did manage to find some clothes on a huuuuuuuuge sale that couldn't be passed up, but otherwise the drive was all we paid for (oh, and a delicious lunch at Olive Garden).

Today, we visited a few more mattress stores in Corvallis. As we're getting married soon and both still have *gasp* twin beds, we're both finally getting to move into a real-sized bed. It's not that twin beds aren't "real" sizes but we're just moving up in the world! So many people have told us all sorts of different advice about beds. Get firm, get soft, get foam, get plush, get a pillow-top, don't get a pillow-top, get a good box-spring, forget the box-spring... the list goes on and on. We know that a Tempurpedic bed is out of our price range, so we won't consider those. Plus, the memory foam beds are insanely heavy (we moved one twice recently), so we know we don't even want one at this point in our ever-moving lives. Sure, we'd love a great bed with a $5000 price tag on it, but realistically, no way, won't happen. We've heard bad things about Simmons consistently. Serta seems to be all advertisement and little to back it up from what I've seen. We found an Englander that we really like, but no decisions have been made.

Last week's shoyu chicken recipe turned out deliciously. I did a quick internet search for "shoyu chicken" and chose the recipe with the fewest ingredients (so now you know). I think less vinegar next time and a tad more brown sugar. But the recipe was so close to Local Boyz' chicken that I don't think I'll ever have to go back there. Serious yumminess! Oh, and I could get into the crock pot cooking thing. Having dinner ready when I get home? AWESOME!

A little over five weeks to go to our wedding day! We're slowly finishing up those last little details. We really enjoyed our loooong weekend together, complete with movies and hand-holding. It was all gushy and mushy and wonderful. :)

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