Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Showered with Happiness

Last weekend, The Boy and I attended two wedding showers thrown in our honor. The first was with my family, and the second was with his side. We received so many thoughtful and creative gifts, and we're now in the process of writing our thank-you notes. Again, extra special thanks to our mothers for hosting the parties and for the delicious treats and cozy gifts. For some reason, moms (and grandmas and special aunts) always know the perfect things for their kids. I hope I get that skill some day.

Life has been a bit busy this week. I took yesterday off so Mr. Wonderful and I could run errands all over the valley. I took my dress to get it altered (my ribs expanded, not my belly... go figure). We exchanged some duplicate gifts, bought some new stuff, had a fun lunch out, ordered our sheet cakes, browsed one of our favorite Catholic bookstores, and even had time to have dinner with my sister and her boyfriend at the end of the day. Phew!

The day probably would have gone more smoothly if either of us wasn't in a pissy mood, but we had a humdinger of a day snapping at each other. No actual fighting, just that annoying and awful nagging, whining, misunderstanding, petty crap. After the whole day was over, we sat down and aired the laundry, got over ourselves and each other, and made up. Before sleeping. Very late. But we feel so accomplished for bickering and surviving it!

Lots going on still, but I hope to have more time for blogging soon. We're getting close with ONE MONTH TO GO!

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Skunk said...

I didn't know ribs could expand. Hmmm...