Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Wedding Guest Photography Etiquette: A Response

I got a comment recently from a guy who agreed with me about how wedding guests should behave at weddings. It's rare that I get post comments with properly formatted grammar and punctuation (except for MissKris who rocks writing), not to mention such content. I wholeheartedly agree to not allowing guests to take photos before, during, and immediately after the ceremony, and I wish you the best of luck accomplishing that, Brad! We'll see how it works at our wedding...

"I will second the post and disagree with Snookie's comment. This will be the most heavily documented day of the bride and groom's life, and likely the only time they will pay a professional photographer thousands to take pictures of them. The chutzpah of guests, family or no, who believe they must step in to capture the perfect moment at the ceremony, is overbearing, to say the least.

Snookie doesn't consider the potential pro photos ruined by eager shutterbugs whose flashes go off just as the pro is metering that once-in-a-lifetime shot. If the pro misses key shots, it's an issue for the bride and groom to handle with their photog, not for guests to pass judgment and take on themselves. Remember, it was the couple's decision--not yours.

The fact that Snookie's sister hasn't bought a CD from the photog yet doesn't change the rules of etiquette. These are photos for posterity, not immediate gratification. A lot of this probably comes from guests' fear that the only photos they'll ever see from the wedding are the ones they take. A good remedy for couples who can afford it is to buy all rights to their photos and promise guests in advance and in writing that they'll receive copies, and then to make sure they do. My fiancee and I plan to do just that, and to request that guests not take pictures before, during, or immediately after the ceremony."

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MissKris said...

Well, I didn't come here expecting to see my name in your blog post, and such a nice compliment to boot! Thank you, missy. I'm thinking even with informing guests ahead of time there are still going to be those who feel that the rules don't apply to THEM!!!!! There are ALWAYS those kinds of buffoons out there. I hope there aren't many to spoil your day. But if there are...take a chill pill, darlin'. It's not worth letting it ruin such a joyous occasion.