Sunday, September 27, 2009

What Happened to September?

Seven weeks, six weeks, five weeks, and holy crap, September went where again??? Three weeks from today, I'll be a married woman. MARRIED. wow. I knew we'd be busy during September, but I had no idea how fast the month would go. June took forever, and July was almost as long. August slogged by, though it took it's hot, sweet time. This week ushers in our wedding month, and I am so incredibly thankful the day has almost arrived.

People ask me, "are you ready for it to be over?" In a way, yes, but other times I enjoy it. I remember when we transitioned from dating to being engaged and how much that changed our relationship, not necessarily between us, but in how people perceived us. When a couple becomes engaged, it opens up their relationship. Everyone wants to know details and plans and goals, all the little stuff that used to be private. But I think once a couple gets married, the intrusiveness dies down a little (except for the whole "when are you planning to have kids" part, grrr). In my experience, most people try to give the couple a little privacy for a while, as I think they should. For that, for the privacy of having a relationship with someone without the world glaring or beating down the door, I can't wait to be married!

For the endless planning, decision making, date moving, and reprioritizing, I can't wait for the wedding to be over. For the experience of getting married, for having The Boy here at my side to help with anything that arises, for waffling over which type of linens to purchase... those are the things I don't mind so much. For having BOTH sets of supportive, agreeable, helpful parents behind us, I'm deeply, deeply thankful.

Three weeks. :D

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MissKris said...

I think I'd answer that question, "No, I'm ready for it to BEGIN!" Ha! Talking about intrusiveness, you'd think my parents would've had more sense than they did when Dear Hubby and I were first married. They kept coming over unannounced at the most awful moments. Why??? I dunno. I wasn't even that close to them, relationship-wise. But, good'd have thought they'd be more courteous than THAT!!