Thursday, October 08, 2009

The Couch is the Most Difficult Puzzle Piece

Dancing last night was a letdown. The Boy and I hardly knew anyone there as we've been away from the crowd for so long. We did see a few good friends (who are also good dancers thankfully), and we were able to spend some time chatting with them. The music wasn't as good as we remembered. We didn't dance as well as we knew we once could. We're out of shape, our feet hurt entirely too early, and the gym was waaaaaay too hot. Whine, whine, whine!

We're slowly making room for each other (mostly me making room for him) in my apartment. It feels good, though. I haven't had a roommate since 2006, so living with someone else is going to be an exciting challenge. One major difference between my last wonderful roommates and this one is the personal bubble idea. With the previous roommates, we had our own food stashes. We had our own beds. We had our own spaces to hide out, entertain, and be alone. This time I get to re-learn the childhood act of sharing my crayons. The Boy and I will share chores and meals and a bed. I think that's the biggest, most difficult part of the whole "getting married" thing for me. Maybe, someday, waaay down the line when we have kids who get online and read this (HA!), they'll read that their parents weren't always certain or sure or on top of things.

Even though dancing was a bust and we have lots of practicing to do before our First Dance, things are falling into place. Hopefully the music will be better next week and we won't feel quite as icky on the dance floor. Also, hopefully we'll figure out the jigsaw puzzle of furniture in the apartment!


MissKris said...

Ahhhhhhhh, the joys of the first apartment! Ours was one of three in an old converted house. You entered ours thru our bedroom, then had to walk into the living room, then the kitchen, then into the bathroom...the only furniture we owned was Dear Hubby's rickety old bed, my chest of drawers, my Grandmother's desk, and a rocking chair that belonged to Dear Hubby's grandma. We were poorer than church mice in love. Still are.

cm0978 said...

Yes, the days of using cement blocks and a board for a TV/book stand! The mis-matched furniture, the overcooked microwave chicken.. and the bliss of not totally realizing the rest of the world existed.