Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Honeymoon, Day 1 (part 2)

To get to the Space Needle from downtown, we walked about three blocks to the Westlake Monorail Station. $4 each bought us round-trip tickets on a monorail the likes of which Disney has never seen. It actually seemed more like a noisy MAX line without all the stops, just get on at one end and get off at the other. Not scary at all, and I even rode in the very front seat looking straight down at the sidewalk three stories below me. Yeah. It was an adventurous night.

I should mention two very important things right now: I'm terrified of heights, and I typically don't like fancy food. We walked the entire circumference of the Space Needle on the outside deck, and I even looked down at the ground without holding on to the wires or frame. I looked outside the whole time going up the glass elevator. I ate most of my dinner and didn't complain.

After the ten or fifteen minute ride, we walked the half-block to the Space Needle. We wandered into the gift shop where we waited a few moments for an elevator to take us to the observation deck to wait some more before our reservation time at 8:00pm. I took a few time-lapse photographs of the Seattle city lights at night that turned out pretty well. Our half-hour wait was well-spent staring into blackness as we couldn't really see much in the dark.

Once we walked a flight down into the SkyCity Restaurant, we waited only a moment before being escorted into the rotating dining room and to our window-side table. Our menu included a chardonnay for The Man and a hazlenut cream soda for me, an appetizer of prosciutto-wrapped artisan cheese, entrees of jidori chicken and baby vegetables over potato gnocchi, and a sorbet sampler for The Man and cheesecake for me. His drink was incredible while mine was a total flop (went down smooth, but the aftertaste was like burning cotton in my mouth). The appetizer had us both dreaming of prosciutto for a week it was so good. The chicken was weird, the veggies kinda blah, and the gnocchi pretty good. Both the sorbets and the cheesecake were among the highlights of our entire trip (best cheesecake I've ever had, and I am a connesieur).

Our waiter was pretty good. We asked him for recommendations on other local places to eat and visit, but he apparently doesn't get out much. He'd disappear and then, a few moments later, reappear with a brochure or an idea that we politely accepted. He tried, and we really appreciated that.

How much does it cost to eat at SkyCity? After tax and tip, we gagged up spent $140. It was by far the most expensive dinner either of us had ever eaten, but this was our honeymoon and likely the only time in our lives we were going to do something so lavish. Kind of makes our first date at Strega and the $50 dinner seem like nothing (miss that place though!). We probably wouldn't eat at the Space Needle again, but it was a great one-time experience. We're glad the elevator ride up was free since we had a reservation. A short walk and a monorail ride home left us both exhausted. The Man put on a movie that I don't think I was awake beyond the opening credits. Thus came to a close the first day of our honeymoon.

Tomorrow: Pike Place Market and some serious walking in Day 2

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