Monday, October 26, 2009

Honeymoon, Day 1

As part of our family tradition, I kept a journal of the trip The Man and I recently went on to Seattle. I have a journal of every trip I've been on since I could write, and my family has trip journals dating back to my great grandmother and her fine pencil lines inside a little tan notebook. I'd get up each morning of our trip very early, once as early as 6:00am when I had the quiet all to myself. You see, it's not so much that I'm an early bird as that I love the stillness and light of the morning, especially for deep thinking. ANYHOO! On to the journal!


October 19, 2009: Honeymoon trip from Corvallis, Ore., to Seattle, Wa.
After running errands to the local courthouse, the bank, and a couple other places, we officially began our trip at about 10:00am. We drove up I-5 to Portland without any trouble, only some fog and a few light sprinkles between Salem and Wilsonville. I drove this leg of our trip.

Our first destination was the Blueplate Lunch Counter in downtown Portland. We'd heard about the restaurant on Food Network's Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We parked nearby in a small public parking lot where you park and then have to leave your keys with the attendant (not our favorite). For lunch, we both ordered grilled cheese and tomato soup; Kevin ordered a Little Ricky and I had a strawberry Italian soda. Though the soup was okay--it had real tomato chunks and onion slices in it which neither of us enjoy--and the sandwiches and sodas were awesome! We paid $16 for lunch, $2 tip, and $4 for one hour of parking.

Next, at my pleading, we broke off our path to drive over to the Portland archdiocese cathedral, the head Catholic Church for our area. All of the doors were locked, and the lunchhour had just started, so we didn't figure anyone would be around, but a few knocks on the parish office door brought around a nice fellow who kindly let us in and told us to let ourselves out. I began taking pictures like a crazy woman, snap-snap-snapping as often as I blinked. While in front of the main altar, a custodian appeared and flipped on all of the lights for us. We were all alone in the cathedral with the lights on! He told us we could go behind the ropes and up into the organ/choir loft if we wanted, and he gave a few pointers for pictures that he thought people always missed (he was totally right). I hope he doesn't get in trouble by me writing about him because we really appreciated the welcoming atmosphere. Beautiful, amazing, awesome place!

From there, we hustled back to I-5. We crossed the Columbia just before 1:00pm. The Man drove this leg of the trip to the second rest stop as we traveled north into Washington. I'd remembered from past journeys that Washington has nice rest areas. The one we stopped at was indeed nice. I'm not talking heated toilet seats or anything, but the rest areas were clean and well-maintained, often with free hot coffee or cookies from local church groups, and we took advantage of some hot chocolate at this first stop. The hot chocolate was some of the best I've ever had: perfect sweetness, perfect temperature, and perfect weather for a hot sip or eighty.

I drove to the next (not quite as nice) rest stop, the third one as we headed north about another half-hour. We hit intermittent road work and more orange traffic cones than I've ever seen: they were a constant orange ribbon on our right side for probably twenty miles. Washington needs to redistribute them or something... The Boy drove the last leg of our long car ride into Seattle. Traffic was dense but moved well. We arrived at The Camlin right at 4:00pm and checked in. After snacks, showers, and exploring the resort, we set out for the Space Needle at 7:00pm.

Stay tuned for the next part of the trip tomorrow!

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