Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honeymoon, Day 2

The second day of our honeymoon arrived too early for me as I awoke around 6:00am. I finally woke my husband up around 8:00am, and we were dressed and ready for the day's adventure a half-hour later. Our first stop was a quick walk two blocks to Seattle's Best Bagel Company where we ordered breakfast. The Man had a ham, egg, and cheese toasted bagel sandwich, and I got two bagels, one plain with strawberry cream cheese, and one wheat with plain cream cheese. The bagels were tasty once I removed about two-thirds of the goop. Bellies full, we set out on a walk.

We first walked nine blocks (almost a mile) to Pike Place Market where we shopped and browsed and tried to take in all the sights for about an hour. We bought our one souvenir of the trip, an asian painting of the Space Needle and some foliage, from a vendor at the market. Then we hoofed it around and around looking for a credit union so that we could withdraw some cash without having to pay bank fees. Credit unions are elusive creatures in the big city, but after asking for directions once or twice, we did find one and make our transactions. The walk to find a credit union took us a half-hour and was probably another mile long.

One of the things we most wanted to do in Seattle was the Underground Tour. From the credit union, we walked at least a half-mile back to the waterfront and then another mile down to Pioneer Square where we found a nice pizzeria on a corner for lunch. The Underground Tour itself was an hour and a half long and likely included about a mile of walking. It started in a fake bar (perhaps it was a real pub at one time, but it was the exclusive starting point for the tour and didn't serve alcohol as far as I know). We got a quick lesson in Seattle's history and got an idea of what to expect underground. The tour broke into two groups that went in different directions. Our tour group leader was corny and made puns about everything, but the historical information seemed good and fairly reliable. We enjoyed the trip and the museum at the end of the tour.

After the tour, we walked the mile back to Pike Place Market and the nine blocks back to our rooms. To say that our feet hurt would not even come close. Even with comfortable shoes, six miles in six hours on concrete with very little time to sit down would have tired most people out. We were a bit cranky. We needed food and water. Dinner at P.F. Chang's ($40 and not too bad!) and some TV before crashing into our pillows. Exhausted.

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