Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I am not Stressed. Yet.

My hands are cracked and peeling from being washed so many times, but goshdarnit, I do not want to be sick on my honeymoon. Lotion forthcoming.

The number of projects I want to accomplish before being a married woman keeps growing, yet the amount of time is rapidly decreasing. I know I'll have time to do these things later, but the point was to actually get them done and not worry about them again.

One major project I've been meaning to accomplish is magnets. We really need cute magnets for our fridge, and I'm too dang cheap to go buy fancy ones. Using those half-round glass beads, some tiny pictures, and a magnet, I threw together some respectable and cute personalized magnets tonight for pennies. No, I won't post pictures or give instructions. If you want to know what I'm talking about, search for "glass marble magnets" or something like that in Google. A bazillion items will be there at your fingertips.

I didn't know bazillion was a real word.

The two most common questions people keep asking me are "Are you excited to be married?" and "Are you stressed?" The fake answers are yes and no respectively. The real answers are "I'm so excited that it hurts, and I think I've experienced a thousand other emotions besides excitement, and I'm not really sure how to convey that without babbling for hours. Excited, sure, and thrilled and scared and elated and overwhelmed and exhausted and peaceful... As for being stressed, well, we've been spending just about every day for the last month and several days each week for the last nine months preparing for what will amount to four hours of a weekend. That's a LOT of preparation. My biggest bit of stress now is hoping it all falls together without too many snags. Kind of like piecing together a quilt: we have all the pieces cut and mostly stitched together, but sometimes things don't line up quite like we intended. Sometimes they work out better, and sometimes you just have to rip out a few stitches and start over.

We are both excited. We are not too stressed (yet). At least I have magnets on the fridge for all of the to-do lists that The Boy will hate for the next four days. :P

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cm0978 said...

Lists! Lists! Glorious lists! Punctuate every sentence with that dreadful word!