Monday, October 12, 2009

I have a Roommate!

I'm still alive. The Boy has moved in with me, so I officially have a permanent roommate. For life. That's forever! This weekend was incredibly busy with a zillion (!) errands, but we survived our last days off as "single" people before the work week hit. Five days to go until we're married!

We went to the bank (twice), got the car washed for our honeymoon, went to Costco to get drinks and napkins, spent some time with my parents, drove to Salem and bought new fleece jackets and an electric blanket for our new queen-sized bed, and managed to find time in all of that for a movie at home and some snuggling. We moved The Boy's big stuff and most of his little stuff from his parents' house into my apartment where we'll be living until he finds a career. After spending the whole day Sunday moving him, we settled in for a few minutes before dashing back to Target to get a half-dozen little things we needed to get before the wedding (like luggage that was on a great sale just in case nobody buys us luggage sets we like better, which will be difficult).

Between the incredible sales we found on our many shopping trips this weekend and the ease with which The Boy and his father were able to move him, I think it was an incredible weekend! I wish I would have had time to make some home-cooked deliciousness, but time was tight and we were exhausted. Going to be an expensive month for eating out. :(

Last time I blogged, I was worried about all of his stuff fitting in on top of all of my stuff. Actually, things fit BETTER now. The couch was the hardest puzzle piece to fit in, but it does fit. The Boy has a quasi-office area, and I have a desk area, and the two areas are not near the other, so we can have our own spaces. The TV is in the bedroom, so I can watch TV while he plays video games on the other TV in the living room (no cable feed out there though). It really does work for us.

Except for shoes. We don't know what to do with our shoes. The closet floors are all full of other things or are inaccessible. We will figure that part out sometime soon, though, when it becomes a bigger priority. Like in a few months.

We've knocked all of the important things off our wedding "to-do" lists, so this week should be smooth sailing. I'm off work after Wednesday at 5pm, so hopefully I'll have time to keep bloggy updated... we'll see. Know that we've been working hard, but the big day is approaching!

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