Sunday, October 04, 2009

Last Minute Insanity

We got my dress back from The Boy's aunt who kindly did the alterations for me. She was a WHIZ and did a fantastic job. I don't have to worry about how many potatoes I eat between now and the wedding, thankfully. It fits like a dream.

We paid for our flowers, looked for household decorations (we want some nice, non-kitschy Catholic stuff around, but it's hard to find stuff that is both distinctly Catholic and not overwhelmingly so), and had lunch out at one of our favorite restaurants yesterday, Sweet Tomatoes. I ate four, yes four of their amazing blueberry muffins. BOGO coupons rock, by the way.

We found toasting glasses we liked at a price we really liked, FINALLY. Praise the dollar store! Unfortunately we haven't been so lucky with napkins or tablecloths. I had to do some online ordering for those. We still need to get to Costco for the sparkling cider and maybe a Camelbak for The Boy for our honeymoon's many walking adventures.

Last night, I gave Dad a haircut and taught him how to Foxtrot. He did a GREAT job for a first lesson. We got through the basic box, turning box, and even traveling! The song I picked out doesn't always have a definite beat, so it'll be an interesting father-daughter dance. All I can hope is that we have fun regardless of the steps or beats or embarrassment.

We completely changed our minds (again) about our wedding cake topper. We're just about to the point of not having one entirely for a variety of reasons, the largest of which being the desire to not have one. It's our wedding, our wedding cake, and our lack of cake topper. Legos will still be involved in the cake somehow, so nobody should panic. We didn't lose our minds along with our sense of tradition.

What's left? Um... getting people to RSVP. If you were invited and have not EXPLICITLY stated that you will be attending either through our wedding website, a conversation, a Facebook message, instant message, text message, or phone call (or by telepathy, prayer, or wishing really hard), please let us know as soon as possible whether or not you plan to attend. We are easy to contact. Let other people know that we still have quite a few unknowns, and that goes to cousins, aunts and uncles, and friends. Do not assume we know. Failure to RSVP means less food for everyone in the event you do decide to show up, and nobody wants that. PLEASE, PLEASE RSVP!


MissKris said...

Here's my RSVP...I will definitely be there in prayer and in keeping the two of you close in heart that day. After coming here for the past year (?) or so - I've lost count - I almost think of you as a long-lost niece or something.

Also, I think you mentioned going to the Grotto. Even tho my family wasn't Catholic my parents used to drive over there just to walk thru the peaceful garden setting. My mom was a great believer in St. Jude and St. Christopher -- she took bits and pieces out of EVERY religion. She wore a St. Jude medallion and there was always a St. Christopher figurine on our car's dash. Anyway...I digress, as usual, HA!!!!!! I wonder if that might be a good place to look for some of your icon-stuff doo-dads for the house? I seem to remember a nice gift shop there in the past but it's probably been close to 40 years since I've been there. We like surrounding ourselves with the same kind of things...I've found a lot at Christian Supply stores in the past, and amazing amounts in thrift stores and yard sales! I'm especially fond of Bible verses, prose, and poems that are framed.

Jaggy said...

We did get over to the Grotto in early July. They have a great gift shop, though it is a bit pricey. We might stop there on the way home from our honeymoon (or get up there another time).

Thanks for the well-wishes and kind words (for this and so many other posts)!

cm0978 said...

Laura Steinkamp (Jim and Chris's girl) is coming also.