Saturday, October 31, 2009

Post-Honeymoon Joys

I never did get the sickness The Man had thankfully. We've been very busy this past week writing our thank you notes. I was determined to have them done within two weeks of the wedding, and by working on them a little each day we succeeded in that goal. Some have been dropped off by hand, some are waiting to be mailed on Monday, and a few might take a while to deliver as we see friends (who can wait another week gosh darnit).

We're starting to settle into routines, though the question of what to have for dinner seems to be the most often routine we face. I'm adjusting to life with a roommate again... not the easiest task for someone who values personal space and a quiet environment. It's different. We have realized we have a few habits we don't like so much about each other--interesting sometimes!

We try to sit down every night and either watch a movie, play a game, or read together. A big part of our relationship from before we were even dating is doing something together often. We also have alone time every day, and I'm starting to figure out how to say I need to chill and just watch TV or surf the Internet for a while.

Today we celebrated my birthday a bit early and went to lunch with my parents and sister. We also made a few stops on the way home for things, so it was an adventure of sorts. I cut Dad's and The Man's hair (getting pretty good at that I must say), and now I'm on a price-shopping binge. We're trying to get good deals for stuff that we buy with our wedding money (and in general, of course, but especially for this stuff).

I guess things are sort of back to normal. Finally. I think.

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MissKris said...

How well I remember THOSE days, too. It took me quite a while adjusting to having someone in the same room, let alone the same bed when I first got married. Being the only girl with a bunch of brothers I always had my own room, my own bed. My own space. Here's a little 'golden nugget' of marital info that might be something for you and The Man to ponder over because this is what has worked for us all these years: we are independently dependent upon each other. By that, we've always kept in mind that we are INDIVIDUALS first and even tho we became a 'couple' we don't have to live in eachother's pocket. Dear Hubby and I are alike in a lot of ways but we're also different in a lot of ways, too. Communicating our needs and COMPROMISING are our two essentials. We will talk something thru to a workable solution, even if it takes days. Or I should say TOOk days...after all this time together we've pretty much worked thru 99% of the issues. I suppose I should email this, it's getting so long, but maybe a month after we were married and I was sitting watching TV with Dear Hubby all of a sudden I thought, "I want to go HOME!!" and was overcome by almost debilitating homesickness. And I wasn't even very close to my family, haha! I have never forgotten that moment...and it passed.