Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Thusly is not a word, is it?

Last night's lack of blog postage can be summarized thusly: got home, made dinner, moved all of the furniture around in the bedroom, chatted with a friend, tried to sell my old computer, had to reboot (3x) my current computer, showered, dishwasher running/unloading episode, two loads of laundry, watched an hour of TV while building another rosary, corralled the wedding stuff, rearranged the closets, sorted out all of the twin-bed-sized linens, and collapsed into a pile of sleep. In six hours. The sleep wasn't good, so I'm not exactly cheery today. However, our new bed arrived so I'm hopeful that a luxurious night's sleep awaits me.

Luxurious. Wow, I'm a word nerd.

Tonight's agenda includes dancing for the first time in probably a year. The Boy and I have gotten pretty rusty even though we've been teaching a bit again. With our wedding and dancing coming up in *gasp* TEN DAYS, we need the practice. We're hoping the music isn't as bad as people are telling us it has been lately... or that we don't injure ourselves! The best part about marrying a dancer is that I never have to worry about not having someone to dance with. We're both free to dance with other people, sure, and we do, but still, we can always dance with each other if nobody else is around or wants to dance with us. (Which I'm fine with: dancing means germ sharing, and I'm pretty confident The Boy and I already share lots of germs. It's all the other previously unshared germs I worry about.)

There is a pizza in my very near future. Pizza, dancing, and sleep. It's going to be delicious (yes, delicious and luxurious on the sleep part).

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