Thursday, October 15, 2009

Two days and counting!

In less than forty-eight hours, I will be a married woman. The last-minute activity today has been hectic, but I think we're nearing the end of our to-do list. Today's accomplishments include:

-visiting the church to drop off our marriage license, picking up keys, taking measurements, and finalizing ideas for sound systems, seating arrangements, and other little tasks
-picking up one groomsman and taking him and The Boy to get their tuxedos (which fit!)
-ordering pizzas, drinks, and table settings for our rehearsal dinner, and scheduling the delivery of said items
-designing, printing, separating, and folding our wedding programs
-hanging pictures around the apartment (The Boy is moving in with me and brought awesome wall hangings)
-framing my college diploma in a professional-looking frame (finally) and hanging it next to The Boy's two college diplomas
-opening a few presents that arrived early and getting those thank-you notes out in the mail
-setting up a playlist for mood music
-setting up a playlist for dancing music (we're real dancers, it's a big deal to have the right music)
-dropping off last night's movie rental
-picking up gifts for some of our wedding party
-going for a walk
-rehashing the playlists
-catching up on e-mails, Facebook, and blogging

All of that in twelve hours! I am on my way to sleep now. Sweet, sweet sleep.


Strayer said...

Have a fun memorable day! I hope you can relax enough to have a blast! Congratulations!

Kayla said...

Hope you a fabulous, fun and relaxing day!
I've been a lurker for a while, but had to send you my best wishes for your wedding - which sounds like it will be wonderful, and of course your marriage - which sounds like it will be a marvelous life!
Best Wishes and Congratulations!!