Monday, October 19, 2009

Wedded Life: Day 3

Exhaustion. Elation. Busy. Lazy. We've felt so many emotions the last three days, almost all of them incredibly good emotions. Mostly we've felt blessed to have the people we love share in our joy. I know that sounds like a tired line, but it's true. We feel blessed.

The gifts are open, some stowed away and some duplicate items returned. We received a total of eight pyrex dish sets between two wedding showers and the wedding itself. No offense, but most of those were returned. :P I can't say I have a particular "favorite" gift, but some of the most meaningful gifts included hand-quilted Christmas stockings from my aunt and the hand-made custom crucifix from one of our friend's fathers. I'm not saying we didn't appreciate every gift (we DO!), but those two really stood out to me as thoughtful and "us."

I was telling my husband (gasp, giggle) last night how much I love him, you know, being all sappy and stuff. I am not really one of the princess-y type girls, not even close. But on our wedding day, when I was walking up the aisle on my father's arm, when I looked past all the guests and saw him standing at the altar, I felt like royalty.

He's reading over my shoulder and being a jerk (I think I'm going to call it "being like his father"--his mother will laugh at this as she can imagine the torment), so I think I'll close. Things are good. We're good. We're rested up, finally. *smile*

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cm0978 said...

You're right, I did laugh. I am SO SORRY but I didn't think he would turn out that way!

Such a great day -- I couldn't stop smiling. Love to both of you, have a great honeymoon.