Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Where The Man is From

Inspired by MissKris and her poetic posts, both The Man (I'm married to The Boy, therefore he is now The Man) and I have filled out our "Where I'm From" poems. His today, mine tomorrow.


I am from the forgotten streambed where cattle roamed, from Bookmobile forays and too-short sweat pants.

I am from the creaky upstairs with slanted roof, or the backyard swing set on the kid-imagined mountain.

I am from Kleczynski reunions and bony noses, from Grandma K’s donuts and Uncle Ken’s barbeques and Steinkamp camping trips.

I am from life-long friendships that push me every day just to be worthy of them.
From the land of strangeporks, weirdbeards and bedtime Aesop’s.

I am from tough-kneed Catholics and quiet, powerful faith, where you’re family if you join us twice. Bring food next time.

I'm from stubbornness and determination, a combination just as deadly as Mom’s macaroni and cheese and Linda’s banana cream pie, and where an incurable disease known as Jerkism seems to run in the family.

I am from the thorny blackberry bushes hiding secret forts, the backyard trees with hotdogs for leaves.

From scenic routes through Eastern Oregon, sometimes with no flat tires, and from snow-packed skiing trails perfect for pushing dad over.

I am from whole-family pictures numbered to remind us who is who, JustBesideAndMy and WalkMeBeFriend, and walls stuffed with laughter where the house is warmed by love just as much as woodstoves.


MissKris said...

Wow! Absolutely beautiful, The Man! It is amazing to me how much these essays/poems...whatever we want to call them...reveal about the true nature of a person. I don't know you or Jaggy personally but just by reading this, I can 'see' the essence of who you are at such a deep level. Well done! And something I'm sure YOUR children will treasure some day.

MissKris said...

P.s. I bet you were a darling little boy!