Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Another Year Older

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes, greetings, calls, e-mails, and Facebook messages and wall posts! My 26th birthday was yesterday, and I celebrated by not being at work in the afternoon. The Man and I went to the bank to sort out our checking accounts (again). We did a little wedding gift card shopping, though we didn't actually buy anything. We went to my parents' house for Mom's awesome spaghetti and some chocolately goodness for dessert. It was a nice day.

Tonight's plans include figuring out a way to organize The Man's desk, designing a charging station since we don't like any that we've seen in stores, and catching up on some TV. I'm kinda blah this evening, so if I get to the TV first and the rest doesn't happen, meh. Capital meh.

Thanks again for the birthday wishes!

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