Monday, November 30, 2009

Artisan Cookies

After test-driving the new KitchenAid Artisan, I walked away with some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (at The Man's request). He got to lick the beaters, too, so he was quite pleased. We have very little fear of raw egg in this family.

The mixer did a fantastic job until I started adding flour and oatmeal. I had to switch from the beater to the dough hook, and even then it seemed to bog down. I had to scrape the sides of the bowl often, too, which slowed down the process. KitchenAid has started making new beaters that do scrape the bowl with squeegee-like action which would greatly improve the whole process. I think the mixer does a great job at mixing, but I am very glad I stopped the blending before the motor gave out. I didn't even double the recipe, just a standard 24-cookie batch. I figured with something like 3000-horsepower or whatever wattage that thing is, it should be able to handle some wimpy dough. Alas, the Quaker Oats man proved intimidating. I'll have to see if the same thing happens next time.

I did get a great boost in speed and baking fun by using a measuring scoop to portion the cookies and ratchet them out onto my new silpats. The cookies baked much more evenly and didn't stick at all. Clean-up was super easy too. I only have to hand-wash the silpats and mixer attachments: everything else went into the dishwasher.

All-in-all, it was a good cookie baking experience, but I see that I have a learning curve with the new appliance. Does anyone have any tips for using the mixer to make cookies?

Editor's note: The Man says the cookies are awesome.


Skunk said...

When I was looking for a stand-up mixer for my wedding registry, I looked at consumer reports etc. and over the past few years, Kitchen Aide has started putting plastic gears in their motors when they used to put in metal. As a result, the motors of the Kitchen Aide mixers are much less powerful and easier to break. That's why I got the Cuisinart mixer. Also, power is everything, and the Artisan is one of the lower powered mixers, right? At least, compared to the Kitchen Aide Professional and the Cuisinart.
I know this isn't the advice you wanted, but it's at least a minor explanation. Bravo on the excellent cookies, though!

Michael said...

I'd get the pull start version, but I hear they haven't got the fuel/air ratio down yet for the supercharger.