Saturday, November 07, 2009

Blog Year Retrospective #4

Four years. 1258 posts. Over 280,000 visitors. I can't believe I'm still blogging. Here I am, though, writing my fourth Blog Year Retrospective. Each year I sit down to review the last twelve months and wonder where I'll be in the next twelve months. If someone had told me a year ago what I'm about to write, I probably would have peed my pants.

A year ago I was dating The Man. I was relishing life in my own apartment. I was helping friends celebrate weddings and birthdays and new jobs, never considering that this year I'd be celebrating my own special moments. My life has gone from content to fantastic, from simple and easy to complex and busy. More than anything, I'm learning what it means to feel blessed. I'm not sure where to start, so this year I'll go in order of my Filed Under section (for the most part).

Unique things have happened to me. I made the family's sugar cookies at Christmas last year, a huge deal for me since Mom finally let me in on her recipes. My favorite TV show, ER, ended it's fifteen-season run. I was in third grade when the show premiered, so it's safe to say I grew up with the show every Thursday night. Life and The Unit, my other two favorite shows also went off the air last May. I don't watch as much TV now. Also, I started taking Singulair to help combat my seasonal allergies, and it greatly helped through the worst months.

We had some adventures this year! The Man joined me for some ice skating in Portland, for a weekend at the coast, for a road trip to La Grande for some friends' wedding, to Portland again for a business meeting in July, to the Enchanted Forest for his birthday, and finally to Seattle for our honeymoon! We're well-traveled up and down I-5 from Portland to the Hwy 34 intersection after this last year.

Apartment life hasn't changed much aside from the massive five-day clean-out I accomplished to make room for The Man as he moved in right before our wedding. Blogging sometimes took a backseat to wedding plans and living life, but I've tried to document everything I can. Crafting, likewise, along with Geocaching, photography, and writing poetry all took a backseat. You won't find much under those files for the last year.

Dancing has been a part of my life since the first year I was a blogger, but this year has seen a different kind of dancing. The Man and I have transitioned from social dancers to teachers. We've had four students in the past six months, and we're excited to help others find joy in ballroom dancing. We did a little dancing on a scant few occasions, plus we danced at our wedding reception, of course.

Family has changed a bit for me and us. My parents built a house this last year and moved in during the summer. I think they're finally settled, though the backyard is still in the works. My parents met The Man's parents for the first time in January. In October, we officially gained new sets of parents. My parents have a son, and his parents have a daughter, a first for both families. One big change for me is that Dad has finally let me cut his hair. As a little girl, I begged to have him let us put barrettes and ribbons in his hair, but that never happened. At least now I have clippers and can make him look as good or goofy as I want (always good).

I've ranted about weddings, traditions, drivers, cyclists, clothing and shopping, and grammar. I've shared favorite recipes. I even had a funny incident with a Waterpik I'll let you hunt down. But two very big things in my life changed this year, two things more important than everything above. I was baptized and received into full communion with the Catholic Church in June, and The Man and I exchanged marriage vows in October.

Religion has been a fascinating aspect to my life for over two years now. I owe a lot to my husband for his patience as he's held my hand through a trip to Mt. Angel Abbey, through trips to visit and talk to priests, and finally through a few sacraments. I've tried hard to be a good student and learn as much as I can about the church to which I now belong. I separated all of my religious posts into another blog for a while, but shortly after my baptism, I rolled both blogs together. I love being Catholic, love having history and some tradition to fall back on when I don't know what to say or do, and I am learning how to share my faith without smacking people with it. St. Francis has been a help with that part.

And then there were two. We became engaged on January 29th, and from that date to last month, we were in marriage planning mode every single day. We created registries, selected and crafted flowers, went through pre-Cana classes with a married couple, had our engagement photos taken, bought his ring, my dress, and a ton of other stuff, put together chocolate favor bags on the hottest day of the year (never again), went bed hunting, attended wedding showers thrown in our honor, and learned what it means to stick to a budget like never before. We experienced issues with the church double-booking reservations the day of our wedding. We fought over stupid things, rejoiced in absurd details, and remained loyal to each other the entire time. Our wedding was beautiful. Our honeymoon was fun. Now we're learning what it means to love, especially the unconditional kind, every single day. We're learning the give-give-give-and-take. We're learning not to hog the sheets.

Every year I review the last and wonder what on earth could be more exciting than the year I just lived. A year ago I was dating this guy, this person I thought I loved and sort of knew, and now I'm married to him. What will next year bring? I'm not sure, but I'm not afraid either. This time I'll have somebody at my side to fight the battles and celebrate the victories.

Life is grand.

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