Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Crispy Eska-ho

My dear sister has coined a new word/phrase that I believe ought to be shared with everyone. I give her full credit for the term as I had no part in its creation.

Have you ever been walking in Corvallis (or another city, these people are everywhere) and spotted one of the rare orange people? I'm not talking like "I see orange OSU people," but literally orange-tan-colored skin. The awkward color is usually accompanied by platinum blond hair and sometimes streaks of black or pink for good measure. The "crispy" part of her term comes from the fact that these people spent waaaaay too much time under the fake-sun broiler.

BUT! Her term includes a subset of these crispy people. These special people choose to wear Ugg boots (or cheap knock-offs in most cases). Super fake-n-bakers that like you to believe they spent too much time in the sun... in Alaska. Not that sunburns can't happen in Alaska, but the whole orange-skin-bleached-hair thing kinda throws a loop in my image of the typical Alaskan.

Also, note that we have nothing against Eskimos. It's the Eska-ho look that we're trying to discontinue here. Especially the Crispy Eska-ho look. *shudder*

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cm0978 said...

Fantastic word(s)! We have a girl at school who has that fake tan and the Ugg boots, but she has the fake coal black hair that really looks bad with the orange skin. She makes my eyes hurt.