Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Donny's Mirror Ball Trophy

Congratulations to Donny Osmond on his Dancing With The Stars win last night! I did not watch the show all season, nor do I much care who won. I have nothing for or against Mr. Osmond, but as I spoke before the season began, he was destined to win. Donny has more talent and experience than most A-list stars (let alone some of the hacks invited to attempt dancing every season). He's been learning and memorizing song and dance routines his entire life. He's a tap dancer. He drew good dances. He's an great entertainer, a man I must respect even if I am indifferent about him as a person.

Donny's dances were very similar the first few weeks. He got stuck with the Charleston, Jitterbug, Quickstep, and Jive in short order. While each dance is distinct, the quick movements and fast pace are quite similar to tap dance moves. The Foxtrot isn't terribly different, though it is more smooth. His hardest dances were the Argentine Tango, the Viennese, and the Paso Doble, although it's arguable that Dancing With The Stars cheats by allowing choreography instead of true dancing, therefore taking a great deal of the challenge out of these dances.

There were other good dancers this season, as there are every season. The problem is that they didn't stand a chance. Donny has a multi-generational following (plus the entire Mormon vote). He's the best true entertainer the show has ever seen. He's old enough (read: mature enough) to hold his own as a lead and give the dances credibility, yet he's agile enough to squash the younger athletes in a dance. Donny was going to win unless he got injured or dropped out, no contest.

Like I said, I have nothing against him. He can dance. While I think he'd probably make more money singing (duh), I'm glad he took the opportunity to challenge himself. Even though it was a landslide. A happy landslide, but still, no contest. :)

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