Friday, November 27, 2009

In Which Insomnia Pays Off

I'm a good sleeper, usually sleeping from 11:00pm to 7:00am without waking a single time. Lately, though, I've had trouble sleeping on my shoulder. It hurts like the dickens, so I wake up, turn over, and try to sleep again. This morning, I awoke at 6:00-ish, and I layed there eyes wide open for several minutes trying to figure out why I couldn't sleep. I tried rolling over, I tried getting warmer, tried cooling off, and even tried doing math in my head (an old trick that usually zonks me out quickly). Sleep just wouldn't come. Frustrated, I realized that today is the long-anticipated and much-disliked Black Friday. I should mention now how much I dislike shopping.

Last night, Dad mentioned to me that Bi-Mart had a good sale going on some of their items. I mulled the idea for a while before realizing just how good a few of the sales were. But since everything this year seemed to be in such limited quantities, I put the notion of going shopping out of my mind. I'm not about to beat down an old lady for the new singing/dancing/pooping Elmo.

But laying in bed wide awake on the busiest shopping day of the year didn't sit well. I figured a trip to Bi-Mart in little ol' Corvallis wouldn't be as dangerous or time-consuming as a trip to, say, Woodburn (where all the crazy people go from what I have seen). Bi-Mart is only a mile or so from where we live, so I woke up The Man, informed him that I was going to Bi-Mart, and that I'd be home by 7:00am. I threw on some jeans and a sweatshirt, not even bothering with contacts.

Bi-Mart's little parking lot was almost barren. I wondered if the 5:55am opening didn't happen, but the bright lights inside the store spilled out into the morning darkness. I flashed my membership card and sauntered past the only two people in the entire store as I made my way toward the stand mixers. The regular price for a Kitchenaid Artisan mixer is $299 no matter where I go. The colors are always white, red, maybe black or navy, and sometimes a yellow or pukey green. We had one on our wedding registry, but nobody got it for us. Bi-Mart advertised $100-off, a huge sale. I snagged a pretty metallic silver one, not the darker "imperial gray" that we wanted, but one color I can learn to love. The box also had a $30-off rebate stuck to it.

I made my purchase, drove the short distance home, and rejoiced in my insomnia. I purchased a $300 stand mixer--the nice one that I wanted--for $169 after the sale and rebate. That's incredible! The nearest price I could find was $230 at Sears. Even Target and Wal-Mart's sales weren't that good.

I'm makin' cookies tonight!!!


MissKris said...

You go, girl! I debated a while this morning about going to Freddy's -- no WAY was I going to attempt Walmart! -- to buy some new wrist weights for riding on my exercise bike. Decided to go and couldn't believe how UNbusy the place was at around 10 am! In fact, I went ahead and did my grocery shopping. I don't know how well this all bodes for our economy! I was watching the news around the time you woke up and Woodburn wasn't bad at fact, just a handful of shoppers wandering past the roving reporter and no back-up on the freeway as it's been in years past. In fact, the semi trucks were just whizzing past on I-5 in the background. I'm just tickled you got your mixer, tho...what a deal! I hate retail shopping but even I can appreciate a good deal like that one.

Jeff W said...

That's awesome! I was going to bribe a friend to go to Best Buy to get a game for my 360 but the line was waaaaay long.