Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Mario Bros. Last Name

The Man and I came up with an interesting question at lunch today. What is the last name of the Mario Bros. from Nintendo's famous game? The last name isn't Mario. The game shouldn't be called Mario Bros. Mario is a first name. Mario's brother is Luigi. The game could have been called Luigi Bros. as easily. Is anyone making sense out of this? Mario's name isn't Mario Mario. Luigi isn't Luigi Mario. It's just Mario and Luigi with no last name.

They are not the Mario Bros. I don't think my sister would appreciate it if I referred to us as the Jaggy Sisters. That would just be silly. Yet the name stuck, Mario Bros. I'm going to call them the Luigi Bros. and give Luigi his ten nanoseconds of fame.

...just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

L... O... L...

Michael said...

I had to look it up.
According to 'official' canon, they have no last name.
Mario's nickname is 'Jumpman' or 'Mr. Video Game'. It's the name Nintendo gave him in Donkey Kong before he became Mario.
In the Super Mario Bros. movie, the two brothers are named Mario Mario and Luigi Mario. Nintendo has announced that this is not really the case.
The closest thing they have to a last name is that Mario is named after Mario Segale, Nintendo's first warehouse landlord.
Luigi has even less hope for a last name. He's named after Mario & Luigi's, a pizza joint in Redmond.
Anyone want to play a game of Mario Segale & Luigi PizzaParlor? :)

ADagTheAvenger said...

... Wait, there was a movie?!
Annyway, very interesting point.