Thursday, November 05, 2009

Name Changing Made Easy

Changing my name as been a bit of an ordeal. Some places need four kinds of ID, including pictures and proof of address, notarized documents and credit scores. Today, though, I called Comcast and Pacific Power. I told them my old name, told them my new last name, confirmed my address or birthdate, and poof, done.

Poof. Really. No proof of who I am or that I am who I say I am, just thank you, have a nice day.

It's like someone actually trusts me.

Just wait, they're going to charge me for this, aren't they?

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MissKris said...

Well, it's nice that they're so trusting but that can either be a plus or a minus, considering this world. But I DO know what you mean. I've been a Mrs. for so many years now I can't even remember if it was a hassle doing all the name-changing or not, ha! Probably not, as I'm one who tends to remember the stressful things in life.

And happy belated birthday, Jaggy. I seem to have missed it and I feel badly. I've had very sick grandbabies all week and haven't had time to get out and do much visiting w/comments. You share a birthday with my very dear Australian friend Kathie. Tho she's almost twice your age, ha! Sounds like you had a lovely day.