Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The New Holy Water

The Catholic Church has made some changes in light of flu season this year. We have been told to not hold hands during the Our Father. We aren't supposed to shake hands or exchange physical greetings during the Sign of Peace if we have had any flu or cold symptoms in the last twenty-four hours. Some parishes, especially large ones, have stopped offering the cup except for people with gluten allergies who aren't showing symptoms of being sick (St. Mary's still offers it, but I don't see many people partaking). Parishes have also been encouraged to change the Holy Water frequently, thoroughly cleaning the basin or font between each filling. I know that these changes may not coincide with Tradition, but I'm pleased that the Church is responding in some way and helping ensure the health and safety of it's visitors and members. St. Mary's even installed hand sanitizer dispensers near each entrance.

This weekend as I was walking into the church to find a pew, I noticed a man walk in behind me. He walked up to the hand sanitizer dispenser and received a dollop of goo. He smeared it all over his hands then made the Sign of the Cross. A few people started giving him a funny look. He must have noticed because the next thing I heard was, "What? It's the new Holy Water!"

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